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Home / News / Spring Parhelion Sat 25 Mar

Spring Parhelion Sat 25 Mar

Published 00:00 on 25 Mar 2017

The second Saturday of the Spring Parhelion Series provided beautiful blue skies and a gusty NE'ly that increased steadily from around 16 kts to gusts of nearly 30 by the end of the racing.

A start line was established at Gleeds and both divisions were sent upwind to Vail Williams and then followed a course that took them down to North Sturbridge, just at the same time as the Panamanian car carrier Horizon Highway, in bound for Southampton! Having successfully avoided 75000 tonnes of steel the fleet then headed north to KB Boat Park and several up and downwind legs before finishing at Gleeds.The fastest boat on the water was White Cloud IX, John Donnelly's HOD 35 with an elapsed time of just over one and a half hours.

With the wind the wind freshening, especially in some fluky gusts, several boats decided that they had had enough for one day and headed for home before the Race Officer (Darryl Bowles) also confirmed that a second race might be unwise and finished racing for the day.

Thanks again due to Mary Siobhan and the PSC Race Team for a really good and well executed race.

Next Saturday 1 April will be the Parhelion Memorial Mini Series; two races that will be run as part of the Parhelion Series but will also constitute the Memorial Mini Series in memory of past supporters.This will be followed by Bangers/Mash and Beans (£5) at the Portsmouth Sailing Club – don't miss out!

Club and IRC results here

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